our mission

We are Results-driven Creatives. Filmmakers/Entrepreneurs. We are Believers of your business and your mission to serve.

Based out of the greater Seattle-Tacoma area, Video Prosperity USA is the entrepreneurs video marketing solution. We lead the best of our local videography talent to produce high-definition custom brand videos.

We do the market research, conduct the evaluation, create the strategy, produce, and show you how to implement your prosperity videos - In the quickest time frame, most effective methodology, bringing the highest Return On Investment you could possibly get today.

Video is the #1 most consumed, most favored, most effective form of content AND communication - on almost all digital platforms today. & with the Pacific Northwest being the fastest growing region in the United States of America - that means all eyes are on us. Right here. Right now.

Yes, that means you. Especially YOU - the PNW Professional.

Video Prosperity USA is on a mission to elevate our local community of entrepreneurs, business owners, sales/marketing teams and specialists, professionals in practice - to unimaginable heights, never before experienced here in the PNW.

We do this by telling AND showing your brand features, benefits of product/service, and your story. Your impact. Your why.

We seek those who want to hyper grow their business, elevate their brand messaging and community impact during this new age, technological, digital media revolution.

What we do

We are Video Warriors.

That means we fight alongside you, the success of your business and the community you serve.

We understand the challenges businesses face in this technological revolution. We’ve invested our lives towards our creativity, filmmaking and understanding effective digital communication, so you don’t need to go through it alone.

We combine the finest elements of modern-day cinematography with the leading digital marketing strategies you need today to solidify your legacy.

We learn your culture, your unique value proposition and your dream drivers. We understand the visual impact only as artists do and reduce the time it takes to get the business done.

We message your brand as the "Why They Buy" videos designed to improve the ratio of closes for every prospect.

Prosperity videos aim to double your income and triple your time off via video marketing strategy, production & implementation.


Step #1 Complete our Prosperity Discovery Form.

Before making any more investments / spending any more dollars on another marketing solution - you need to determine if video is right for you, right now. We determine this through our Prosperity Discovery Form. This form gives us key insights into what video(s) are essential in moving you towards your vision for your brand, and how it will be implemented for maximum effectiveness.

Once completed - you will receive an email within 24-48 hours to schedule our in-person Video Strategy Session.

During this 24-48 hours, we will be conducting a Video Prosperity Evaluation.

We analyze your digital branding/marketing, customer journey, and identify the areas of opportunities that will produce the most ROI when investing in video marketing solutions.

During our in-person Video Strategy Session, we dive deeper into your wants/needs, your timeline, your objectives. We go over the results from our Video Prosperity Evaluation and identify what videos are best suited to achieve your goals.

In the end of our session you will be left with a Video Prosperity ACTION PLAN, with video(s) solutions tailor-made for your company. Designed to help you with your current agenda AND…

  • provide your team with video assets that enhance overall efficiency + performance

  • improve internal/external communication via video automation

  • provide video assets that help your sales team close more deals

  • provide video assets you can implement into your 2019 marketing strategy

  • promote more repeat buying and customer retention

  • improve in-person lead conversions and referral success

  • generate continuous online/offline awareness

  • turn your customers and your team into your #1 Brand Ambassadors

  • immediate higher conversions on your website

  • immediate social media engagement/attention

  • remove customer confusion through ultimate brand clarity

  • improve online/offline sales process

  • tax-write off for massive profit gains

  • and more.

That’s a Marketing Evaluation + Action Plan + Video Package Solution tailor-made and customized by Video Prosperity USA based on what’s needed to elevate your business.

We will only move forward if both parties are in 100% agreement. If we decide the project is a go, then we begin with Phase #1. We draft up shoot dates, go over the timeline, answer any questions, and start of your Video Prosperity journey.

93% of businesses reported gaining a new customer as a direct result of a video posted on social media. Search engine algorithms favors websites that consistently post more quality content - which in the future is all video.

Make 2019 the next greatest year for your business and your life. Make today the moment you decide to be the game changer / the maverick leader for your team, your family, your clients, your industry and your local community.

Yesterday is already too late.

Invest in the most powerful videos small businesses can acquire today.

Your Video Prosperity is just one click away.


FOUNDER & CEO - ASAPH GASPI asaphgaspi@gmail.com 253-459-0876